Our Mission  

It is the mission of the Nance County Foundation, Inc. to receive, administer and disburse funds for the mental, moral, intellectual and physical improvement, assistance and relief of the inhabitants of Nance County, Nebraska, regardless of race, color or creed.

    2017 Grants

$1000 - Belgrade Fire Department
$500 - Fullerton Public Schools Track Fund
$1000 - Fullerton Fire Department
$500 - Genoa City Library
$1000 - Genoa Fire Department
$500 - Genoa Food Pantry
$500 - Genoa Indian School
$500 - Genoa Museum
$500 - Genoa Park
$500 - Genoa Rescue Park
$500 - Genoa Senior Center
$500 - Genoa Legion
$1600 - Dr Andrew Brugman - Medical Student Loans
$500 - Courtny Mangus - Reitz Medical Scholarship
$500 - Serena Baker - Reitz Medical Scholarship


    2016 Grants

$1600 Dr. Andrew Brugman for Medical Student Loans

    2016 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $500 to Angelica Miller  
    2015 Grants

$2500 City of Genoa Ballfield - field renovations

$1500 Nance County Treasurer for Nikolas Reimer, pharmacist, student loans

$2500 Fullerton Youth Ball Program

$2500 Nance County Ag Society - Grandstand and Ag Building Improvements

$8000 Taylor Hellbusch - Nance County Foundation Scholarship

    2015 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $500 to Jessica Rosno  
    2014 Grants

$4500 Nance County Sheriff's Department for a working dog

$1500 Nance County Treasurer for Nikolas Reimer, pharmacist, student loans

    2014 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $500 to Amy Mohr  
    2013 Grants

$3000 City of Fullerton for video "Communities of Distinction"

$2000 Jenna Malander to expand rehabilitation

$1500 Nikolas Beimer for medical student loans

    2013 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $500 to Allyson Sutton  
    2012 Grants

$504 Genoa Indian School Foundation for window shades

$1500 for FHS Senior Class Community mural

$2000 Jenna Malander/Nancy County Development to expand rehabilitation therapy services

    2012 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $500 to Brittany Klassen  
    2011 Grants

$2000 Nance County Development Agency for medical grant to expand rehabilitation services

$2000 Nance County Ag Society for Fairgrounds livestock building

$4000 Nance County Veteran's Memorial

$1350 Pass through donation for 4-H Council livestock premium

    2011 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient Kelsey Cherry  

2010 Grants

$14,000 Nance County Ag Society for new Fairgrounds livestock building

$650 Fullerton Volunteer Fire Department for safety equipment

    2010 Reitz Medical Scholarship Recipient $300 Diedre Hoffman  
    2009 Grants

$10,000 Fullerton Senior Center for move to new building

$300 Genoa Public Library

$300 Belgrade Main Cemetery


Daniels Makes Donation to Nance County

Scot Daniels is shown presenting a check in the amount of $750 to the Nance County Foundation. Accepting the donation is Foundation representative Donna Bishop. The donation was given to the Foundation by Scot and Trish Daniels, owners of Scot Daniels State Farm Insurance of Albion and Fullerton. "These foundations are valuable," Scot noted.

"Without these Foundations, projects do not get completed." Scot and Trish's name will appear on the plaque, now on display at the Fullerton National Bank. If you wish to have more information on the Foundation, contact Joe Wegner, president, or Tony Shotkoski, vice-president of the organization.